Imperfect Overstand

It is a fictional dialogue happening during a therapy session. The dialogue mostly consists of notes which I collected during 2020, it’s very eclectic, but there is no list of used sources, which also kind of reacts to the nature of the internet.

A: Welcome, over here, please.
B: Thank you.
A: I just want to make sure, now, at the very beginning, that you should keep in mind, lying is allowed and, um, describing the symptoms doesn't help the consequence.
B: Sure, but, you know what… I just suspect that the melting snow... one day it will fall again.
A: No worries. Sometimes it can happen, on your journey through life, you see a tempting, attractive, inviting path which seems like the right way to go, everything looks alright, but throughout time it's getting smaller and smaller until it completely disappears. You don't want to give up, so you make at least two more steps, but then you turn around and you go back and you pave the way twice. Each visit makes the path a couple of steps longer and it grows like that by itself, with a very unpredictable, unsure ending.
And don't forget, a story is just a postponed answer.
Bartol Galović
B: But I don't know what to do, there are millions of words and truths and I'm not a single one of them.
A: I know I know, I know, too much non-fiction right, but there is nothing new that emerges to existence, there is just the flow of energy.
B: All I'm left with is laughter and counting. To laugh and to count and to laugh and to count to laugh and to count…
A: Expansion of time is important in giving significance.
B: Don't do it please... I want help from you... Don't contradict yourself, stop describing, that was a symptom...
A: We have to explore the possibilities of interpretation and… you won't remember tomorrow, it disappears, leaving just vanishing strings following the wind, it's like a fly which flies through your body leaving just this strange itchy feeling in your chest.
B: You suffer from self-explanation.
A: I'll tell you what, all of this is happening because human beings are pattern-seeking animals. It’s part of our DNA. That’s why conspiracy theories and gods are so popular: we always look for a wider, bigger explanation for things. It's the complexity bias, a tendency to look at something that is easy to understand, or look at it when we are in a state of confusion, and view it as having many parts that are difficult to understand. Conspiracy theories are invariably far more complex than reality. We don’t want to acknowledge that the world is entropic. Disasters happen and chaos is our natural state. 
But you can swim in that chaos you know, once you learn it, it's like breathing under the water.
B: But then I get so immersed in images that the most difficult task is to encounter the real. Recently, for example, I had to add “accordion” to my dictionary of misspelled words.
A: The pitcher goes so often to the well, that the pitcher goes so often to the well.
B: What did you say?
A: I said why you don’t actually try doing something. Stop understanding.
B: But, I don't want to, I can't. That incessant seeking, that vain effort of getting information that will move us forward. I have too many variables. I wanted to confess that I can't really deal with the amount of worlds. I got overwhelmed by the information.
I really like to draw a dashed line though, I feel the spaces, it leaves blank space which can be crossed or filled with the unknown emptiness.
A: We have to explore the possibilities of interpretation.
B: You already said that, it's kind of unintelligible no?
A: You know, we have to be smart about this. Let's try the wisdom of the crowd, the internet provides satisfaction of answers.
B: But people don't seem to ask the direct questions, I included, I'm also a human being.
A: We have to utilize the trial and success method.
Listen to this. Animal studies have revealed much the same. Hungry pigeons in cages are equipped with a random-food-delivery mechanism. Over time, the pigeons came to believe that their behaviour affected the food delivery. It is described as a form of superstition. One bird spun in counter clockwise circles. Another butted its head against a corner of the cage. Other birds swung or bobbed their heads in specific ways. Although there is some debate as to whether “superstition” is an appropriate term to apply to birds, the research shed light on the human tendency to see things as being more complex than they actually are.
Therefore we self-perceive, we are self-inventing, locked-in mirages that are little miracles of self-reference.
Bartol Galović
B: Hm... Interesting... Once I actually saw a lady who suffered from a heart attack because she took her blood-thinner pills the wrong way.
A: Hah, you know what, let's have an opposite day.
B: Mhm, ok, the meaning is to use, the meaning is not in use.
A: In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.
B: Her brother gave her a kitten; his sister thanked him for it.
A: One sometimes thinks that anything could happen.
B: And I caught myself. Back and forth, point of reference lost.
A: It doesn't matter.
B: The ability to understand was also lost.
But... I think I know... What if we... What if we include all the people who predict weather.
A: It depends on which leg you will name.
To use your mind as a creative tool, you need to hold it firmly in your hands.
B: Between your legs you mean.
A: It reminds me how much I'm touched by the sincerity, sincerity of perception, of feeling, action and reaction. I miss it, it's like a lost child, I feel like I use calculus too much and it deprives me.
B: All of our problems are left in our theories then.
A: Because everything is getting more personalised and it's keeping us in our bubble.
B: But I would like you to understand my message.
A: And I would also like to understand your message. But what if you are just fighting for more, all the time.
B: I've seen better days, I've seen better…
I'll tell you something what that got stuck in my mind:
Since I can't move from the spot,
singing is my only outlet.
I can neither participate in joy
nor prevent the disaster,
so I sing.
Only two kinds of people can hear my song,
those who see the world with pure childlike wonder
and those with the deep sense of loss in their hearts,
to everyone else I'm just a period in the sentence in the book of Ooo.
A: Your manifestation turned out to be a demonstration of belief in utopian possibilities of creation and thus showing the reality.
Bruno Mioč
B: I'm aware of the world being bigger than me and I'm aware that I'm intentionally omitting certain aspects of it that I don't understand and I'm leaving them behind, but I'm still hoping for their safe position which arises from my pure intentions.
A: The only place with persistent memory is your own story. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.
And a great mantra if you are young is to do what makes the better singer.
B: Better story you mean.
Tell me something banal please...